Chocolat cookie silicone mold + cookies cutter Silikomart

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  • Material: 100% silicone food. Nonstick.
  • Dimensions: 73 mm x 72 mm x 5 mm.

The Advantages Of Silicone Bakware

  •  Flexibility: if folded, it will retain its original shape.
  • Unbreakable: unlike glass or metal bakeware, silicone will not break, chip or lose its non-stick properties.
  • Thermal properties: it can be used for a temperature range of -60°C to +230°C (-76°F +446°F).
  • Minimum storage: space required as will compact.
  • Easy maintanance: dishwasher safe.

Manufactured using a unique liquid silicone that enables:

  • Stability and thermal resistance compared with solid silicone.

A stable aging process (guaranteed for 3000 uses).

  • Patented Safe Ring: moulds are equipped with the patented support ring.
  • Safe and garanteed: Silikomart moulds are manufactured using 7 hours thermal procedure that eliminates any possibility of residual toxic substances. It does not smoke upon use and it is odour free.

Contains no toxic materials.

Complies with all CE and FDA recommendations

  • Versatility: it can be used in refrigerator or in freezer, in the conventional or fan assisted oven and in microwave.
  • Healthy eating: moulds do not need to be oiled, buttered or greased before use.
  • Maximum flexibility: if folded Silikomart moulds will not create white creases on the fold line, it will not break and it will retain original shape.
  • Design:Silikomart moulds carefully reproduce all the fine details onto the finished product.



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Chocolat cookie silicone mold + cookies cutter Silikomart

Chocolat cookie silicone mold + cookies cutter Silikomart

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